Group XYZ Planning Session: [This is only a pretend Group meant to provide some examples of what you can be doing in your own group.]

Member 1. Hey there. What topic do we choose? What about the “Impact of the Great Depression”

Member 3. I prefer “Causes of the Great Depression”. I took out the first book on course reserve, I forget its title now, and briefly went over its treatment of the Great Depression. It looks stronger on Causes than on impact.

Member 2: Hey Member 3. I like “Causes”, too. Why don’t we assign you and somebody else the task of comparing that book that you already read and another one on how both books explain the Causes of the Great Depression. Since we are 10, cant we have 4 of us do that.

Member 3: I can do that. Who partners with me to do that? When do you guys need the note – do I put it in essay format or is it just in note form?

Member 6: does it matter? We will all revise the notes when we start to write out our report.

Member: 3. Are we agreed a topic yet? – Causes of the Great Depression?

Member 10: So what next?

Member 8: I am starting with my two journal articles relevant to Causes of the Great Depression.

Member 9: So we will create link pages. Isnt it?

Member 4: I’ll do that. Its not different than creating link pages on ordinary Msword or html.

Section 1 of report

tbjoh23, bebalic23, lilacbailey_09 and cruishkb are assigned the task to read and compare Findley and Rothney, Twentieth-Century World, and J. A. S Grenville, A History of the World from the 20th to the 21st Century* they will compare how the two authors explain our topic - Causes of the Great Depression
  • they will post their notes here.
  • deadline: next week Friday

Section 2

Everybody will post summary analyses of their two journal articles here
deadline: Feb 2
  • remember it must be relevant to our topic - Cause of Great Depression. He said to write just 2 paragraphs per journal and that the TAs will show us how to write them like annotated bibliographies.
  • How do we ensure that we have no more than 1 set of duplicates for each article? By first posting our 2 journal article titles so we all know what we are doing before we start.
remary & nixsara_p & Jpete23 will pull out the information or arguments from the articles that address our topic, so that we can incorporate the information into our essay: deadline: Feb 4

Section 3

remary, nixsara_p, jake1, & luctract will read chap.6 of Kinney on the Great Depression and bring out every argument and information that address our topic of the Causes of Great Depression. they post their note here - deadline Feb 4

Draft of our Report

bebalic23 and jake1 produce a rough draft. using the notes from all the sections - deadline. feb 10
all of us revise and refine the draft - deadline Feb 10 - 14
Final draft in a new link ready by Feb 17.

Final report or Essay in MS Word


Since we are due to present our report in class week after reading week 27th , 29th or 2nd, we should work toward having a final draft before we leave for Winter break, say Feb 17th.

Welcome to our Wiki Project Page!

Getting Started With Your Team

  • As class members accept membership and enlist, I get to put them into their groups. Try to encourage member of your group to accept the membership invitation that has been sent to them so that your teams can begin work using the Wiki. I like to have every team fully functioning by the end of this week - Friday.

  • In your team page, you can upload notes of the texts you have been assigned by your group to read.
  • You will also upload summary analyses of your two journal articles, so that your team member can read and can use information in it in writing your group report
  • As a common group platform that goes with you everywhere that you have connectivity, it allows you to cooperate with any number of members that make up your group without the need to meet physically.

  • Post your suggestions, your questions, your drafts all on your team page and others can build on everything you have initiated or responded to