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Summary analyses
member 1 - [full citation] & analyses of 2 articles
member 2- [full citation] & analyses of 2 articles
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Section 2 Essay < Scott Hokkanen

One of my two articles:


My notes on my article and Emily's article
< Section 2 - My notes (caycee) for the mine and Jenna's journal articles

My two articles:

A Revealing Window on the U.S. Economy in Depression and War: Hours Worked, 1929-1950
Europe's Great Depression: coordination failure after the First World War


Here are my 2 articles:
What Ended the Great Depression?.pdf
World War II Fiscal Policies and the End of the Great Depression.pdf
This is a third article that I found but I don't want to use it so someone else can if they want.
Higher Member Bank Reserve Ratios in 1936 and 1937 Did Not Cause the Relapse into Depression.pdf


So i have my two articles. the first i am forsure using and the second i am still thinking about. here they are:

- Jessica

So far I have found one article that I think I am going to use for my article analysis, this is it:

A Reconsideration of the Great Depression

Quah, Chee-Heong; Crowley, Patrick M. South Asian Journal of Managementexternal image spacer.gif16. 3external image spacer.gif (Jul-Sep 2009): 7-23.

Hey you might wanna say who you are so we know who posted this journal article

Hey guys Luke here,i know im very late joining this wiki group but for the life of me i couldn't wrap my head around what we were supposed to do for this assignment. that being said i have the entire weekend to work on this so if one of you guys could point me in the direction of some work that needs doing it would be my pleasure to help :)

We have chosen to focus on the impacts that both WWI and WWII had on the great depression for our topic.The prof said that the causes of the great depression was too broad of a topic. We met with the TA today and she confirmed that the impacts that both WWI and WWII had on the great depression is a good topic for us to focus on. We agreed when we met today that everyone should find 2 journal articles on our topic and have them analyzed by the end of this weekend so if you could do that it would be great. Were planning to meet again next week after class to see where were at and what we need to do next to get this thing finished.


Hey! Im in the same position as Luke, and am joining this late, I have read that I am suppose to find and summarize two journal articles. Do I find these on the library website? And would it be possible to send out emails as to when/ where we will be meeting because I usually have class right after History and would like figure out how i can work around that. Sorry for not checking now, but I will get those summarizations done ASAP. Thank you, and if there is any other information you could inform me on that would be great!