Sara Selim Journal Article 1:
Eden, Sally. 2004. Greenpeace, New political economy

This article tells us how Greenpeace is a very beneficial organization to the environment and how Greenpeace is the most widely well-known organization. It is an independent organization that tries to disclose global environmental problems, and seeks for green and serene life. Greenpeace has been bringing raising awareness, and public education to competition. Greenpeace came out in 1969 from an anti-nuclear group of the Sierra group in Canada. In 1971, the group sent out two boats to Vancouver, Canada to protect at U.S nuclear tests off Alaska. There was a rise in the environmental interest among public in the late 1960s and 1970s. By the mid 1970s, the environmental public started to decline, even though, Greenpeace’s actions were expanding. In terms of political power, and public support, Greenpeace was very successful. In 1995, the Brent Spar episode demonstrated Greepeace’s weakness and strengths and has become a guide for determining business environmental relations.
This article showed us what is Greenpeace trying to do and how is it working to save the environment from all of the bad things that’s threatening the earth. Also, the benefits that Greenpeace gave to the environment by trying to make this world safe for the children and it’s doing all of this by public support that it is giving.
Sara Selim Journal Article 2:

Paper- March 30,2007. A history of Greenpeace Canada’s Rainforest Campaign

This article tells us about the history ofCanada’s rainforest for over 13 years by knowing that the Greenpeace has been aiming attention atCanada’s rainforest for over 13 years. In 1993, international scream arises over plans to clear-cut the last complete valley, but, by the end of the year over 1,000 individuals have been arrested because they were trying to stop the clear-cutting. That was the largest act of civil in the Canadian history. Also, the senior officials of Greenpeace has been put in jail for blocking the road that leads to the forest. In 1997, there was a campaign to save the Great Bear Rainforest that was launched on the Central and North Coast of B.C. In 1998, customers inAustria,Germany,Netherlands,Belgium, and U.K cancel contracts with the coastal logging companies. However, Sierra Club, Greepeace, and coastal logging companies had a negotiation to create a temporary moratorium.
This article showed us that Greenpeace benefited this society by telling us the history of the rainforest for over 13 years, and what happened to those who were trying to damage the trees, and the forests. Greenpeace organization is very beneficial to each one of us because it tells us the history of this organization and what it has done for our community to make it move forward.